Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Samantha's Clay Art Projects

Learn the clay skill, discover your kid's talent in the art, and be amused with their creative projects.

Nov. 18.2011

Hi Garie,
Thank you so much for posting the updates. I get lost in your website. There is a world of information on it that you are so kind to share. I always enjoy looking at Samantha's and the children's masterpieces!! They are a very talented bunch, learning from a talented teacher!!

:)) Mozelle

Thank you very much Garie for posting these websites. They were interesting & cute & very informative.


Nov. 19 2011

I just love looking at all the kids, their happy faces and wonderful creations. Keep it up Gary.
Julie s

Nov.25 2011

Garie ... your tiny Snowman in the glass tube is wonderful! What a great gift! I didn't even know you could find little tiny glass tubes like that ... is there somewhere that we can order them? Not that I would ever be able to do those tiny treasures like you do but I'm sure they could be filled with glitter or beads or whatever. I think I could even probably manage to make some tiny candy canes or something if I really worked at it, lol!

I remember the very first time I ever heard about you (many years ago) and you had made the smallest, itty-bitty teddy bear ever done with clay and it was adorable. I couldn't believe how tiny it was and, here you are now, still making delightful tiny things. I'm glad some things never change!

Also, I want to thank you for sharing the pictures of your "kids" and their projects. I've been a bit under the weather and have gotten way behind on COC posts so I'm very late with replies.

I was very impressed with the little stalls/vegetable stands, sea globes, mini foods and scenes that the kids had made. Samantha's miniature play room is so imaginative and creative and the more I looked at it the more I kept finding more things I'd missed. That young lady is very, very talented! I don't know why I am always so surprised because they always come up with well made and wonderful projects. And, as always, I love the smiling faces proudly showing their accomplishments!

Thank you for your "Garie Sim's 101 Polymer clay information". ...
I have it bookmarked so I won't have to go searching for hours to find the answers you have so generously given us conveniently located all in one place! You give back so much to the clay community and I thank you so very much!

hugs, luny

Garie wrote >>>
A X'mas Gift For A Friend
Smallest Snowman In A Mini Glass Tube
By Artist Garie Sim


Anonymous said...

Please tell Samantha that she does very wonderful work. She is a very talented and creative young lady and her work is just delightful!
hugs, luny

Sim Garie said...

Thanks Mechele!