Wednesday, January 30, 2008

About Garie's Polymer Clay Workshop

Playing with polymer clay gets children to exercise their hands and fingers with the kneading, shaping and the sensing of the shapes they create. Garie’s classes are styled in such a way that the children of different ages and capabilities intermingle, giving them opportunities to interact socially, thus inculcating in them better communicative skills and improved reflexes and reactions. Playing with clay will developed the social skills, positive self-image and confidence of the children
“The class environment lays the foundation for creative thinking in children, preparing them for the future, their aspirations and careers.” His focus on visualization instills in the children the necessary life skill of problem-solving. “Children learn that there are many solutions to a problem through these classes,” expounds Garie. He teaches them to picture the object intended for creation and their imagination and senses are engaged as they convert two-dimentional images to three-dimentional creations through visual memory. Their involvement in art and design as well as the contributions to school events promotes the initiative necessary for young entrepreneurship.


Barbara said...

I'm from the USA and love your blog and the creativity that you obviously inspire in your students. Thanks so much for sharing!

simgarie said...

Thank You Barbara, Teaching kids creativity in the arts is fun and rewarding, especially, when they are able to show off their talents and skills with the clay.