Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Polymer Clay Children Workshop In Singapore

The creative, fun and interesting Play Clay Class, from creating, Arts to creating Toys, there are endless possibilities playing with Polymer Clay, Making Arts, Making Crafts, Making Beads, Making Jewelries, Making Miniatures, Making Figurines, Making Gifts, Making Dioramas, Making Displays, Making Recycles, Making Projects, Making Stampings, Making Transfers, Making Molds, Making Props, Making Animations, Making Repairs, Making Accessories, Making Tools, Making Decorations, Making Toys, etc.

Rhea's Polymer Clay Projects

Justin's Beach Diorama

Jesper's Highway Dioroma

Amanda's Old Macdonald's Farm


Ninhas said...

Is it FIMO? Or somethink else that doesn't need baking?

simgarie said...

Use Polymer Clay, Fimo, Sculpey, etc for any clay project nothing can replaced oven bake clay.

stuncade said...
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