Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Kinesthetic means: touching, feeling, experiencing the material at hand.
Hands-on teaching techniques are gaining recognition because they
address the challenging needs of kinesthetic learners.
Colorful Polymer Clay is the best medium for Kinesthetic Learning

From: ascentejedor
Subject: Raquet project
Date: 17 Dec 2010
To: garie@starhub.net.sg

Dear Garie,
I am writing to you just to thank you so much for your help. Alejandro is very, very thankful for your support. He is sure he could not have done it without you.
On top of that you were always kind and flexible.
Thanks a lot and enjoy the season.

Best Regards,

Ascension Tejedor

27 Dec 2010

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos of your kids, Garie. They always make the most amazing things

Where do all these awesome kids get all these great ideas? I know that you are a great teacher when I see all the creative things they make but they all seem to have their own creative style too.
The tiny table with the breakfast is so sweet - the cups, dishes, food, coffee pot, utensils and even the table cloth with trim is a mini work of art.
The little figure with the leaf wings has such a cute expression on her face and it just make me smile.
The young lady that made those great phone charms looks very happy with her work and she should be - they are a very clever and cute idea.
I love that little puppy in the tub and the way she made the bubbles... it's adorable!
The little lady that made the tiny bears with the fish has done an awesome job putting everything together so well and her work is really good.
The young fella with the cowboy scene has also done some really good work. There's a lot of detail in his work and I love how pleased he looks with his project.
The volcano is cool! The young man that made it sure has a very good imagination and I like the way he did the "smoke" coming out at the top.
The young man that made the swimming pool and house has done a really big project and it looks wonderful. He should be very proud of making someting so nice.
I love the robots the kids made too! Both of them did really great jobs on their projects and sure did a lot better than I could ever do.
The young lady that made all the miniature animals really made me smile! They are all so very cute and I especially like the penquins. Really nice work.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful kids with us, Garie. It is always inspiring to see that 'good stuff' really does live in our world!

May you and your family and your precious kids have a joyous, healthy and Happy New Year!

big hugs, luny

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