Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Understand And Know The Children's Interest Inorder To Develop Their Creative Skills

Discourage them from spending money on commercial toys, by developing their hands-on skill, teach them on molding and making their own toys with polymer clay.

Malcolm and his Smoove Move

I'm a fast mover!
Smoove Move and Wiplash
Ethan and Turbo

Turbo the champion
Malcolm and Skidmark
Master of Trash Talk
Ethan and Wiplash
Looking smart Wiplash
Ethan and Infurnus
Malcolm and Tazzerling
Tazerling and Infurnus
Boon Doc : "Thanks for the support "
Frightgeist: " Do I look spooky? "
Malcolm: "We both look spooky "
Hop Jack: "don't come near or I will exploded on your face. "
Ethan: " This is my firecracker, I will used him on Chinese New Year."
Malcolm and his Speedstinger
Speedstinger: " Want to use me as pinball ? "
Malcolm : "My Speedstinger is extremely accurate in hitting the smallest target. "

Hop Jack and Speed Stinger are brother

    Teaching Molding And Casting

Molding any toy with silicon

Mold cured within 5 minutes

Molds and casts created from polymer clay and silicon

Ethan and his projects


Melobeau said...

Wonderful and creative projects! Lucky children to be given the opportunity to explore their creative talents.

Sim Garie said...

Thanks for your comment, it's great to teach the children the fun in playing with clay :)