Sunday, February 2, 2014

Polymer Clay Artist At Children Clay Workshop Since Year 2002

Samantha Phua joined the Children Play Clay Workshop since 2002, at an age of 13 over years old. Learning from the basic techniques, patiently building her skills and expand her interest in polymer clay for about 13 years till today.
Samantha refusing to give up her play clay class in Singapore, while pursuing her study for Dentistry in Queensland, Australia, still comes back to Singapore to attend her classes creating more beautiful clay creation at the workshop.
Below are her past to the present of her various project in polymer clay creation, since 2002 to January of 2014.

Her earlier years

Project in 2010

Project in 2011

Project in 2012

Weekender 2012

Project in 2013

Project in 2014

Inspiration from Maureen Carlson Books

Fairies, Elf and Trolls Diorama

Flower Baby Project

Woodpecker Project

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