Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Swinging Polymer Clay Monkey Tutorial

Garie Sim Creates Polymer Clay Tutorial For Kids

The Request

Re: (pcp) Mini Ad-Venture
17 Jun 2008 AM 08:43:40
Hi, I usually don't post, but I am starting a group for girls who have been sexually abused. I was looking at your mini Ad-ventures do you have any instructions for the clay monkeys?

Re: (pcp) Mini Ad-Venture
Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:57 am
Hi, I can help and create an instruction for the clay monkey, is it, clay combined with pipe cleaners or polymer clay or poms poms with clay.Regards,

Re: (pcp) Mini Ad-Venture
17 Jun 2008 AM 10:32:16
Thanks Garie , when can you have the instructions ready for me? Do you also use just regular pipe cleaners? I would like to practice first myself, before I bring it before the group. You can email me the invoice. When you are

Re: Monkey Tutorial
Date: 07 Jul 2008 PM 11:13:03
To: zelodius@..........
Hi, I've completed the tutorial, Happy Swinging Monkey.
Who do I invoice to, do you have an address?
Actually, I have completed four of tutorials on photograph,but was not happy with the others.
It took me a few days to adjust and finalized the tutorial in orderto make it easy for anyone to follow and create the subject.
Best Regards,

Re: Monkey Tutorial
Date: 01 Aug 2008 AM 10:12:11
To: zelodius@..........
Hello, I am still waiting for your reply.

29th October 2008

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