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Children Create And Play With Polymer Clay Projects

On 26-May-2012, at 2:33 AM, Melody O'Beau wrote:

I also want to thank you for all the various information and photos you've shared about PC and working with young students. Several weeks ago I  delivered a large gift  "CARE package" to the arts and crafts teacher at our local boys and girls after school shelter and activity center. It contained many packages of a brand of PC I no longer use. I gave the teacher the links to your website so that the children could see what YOUR students make with PC and be inspired to be creative, themselves. Your influence continues to teach others halfway around the world!

Best Wishes,
Anita in AZ, USA

Melody O'Beau Designs
Cottonwood, AZ

Creative Learning In Clay, Build Confidence In Hands-On Skills For Children

Polymer Clay Project 1
Kawaii Clay Accessories For Cute Children

Polymer clay make me looks pretty

Rena's Clay Strawberry Sets

Rena: "I Am Pretty Like My Mummy"

Polymer Clay Project 2
Clay Critters and Dolls

Adeline: "Happy Birthday! My Clay Teddy Will Makes You Think Younger"

Adeline's Clay Works

Alison: "Too Much Trouble Rolling The Bubbles"

Alison's Bathing The Clay Dog

Lucas's Cuty Piggy

Melcom's Clay Easter Bunny

Ethan's Clay Easter Bunny

Nikita: "I'm Cuter Than My Dolls"
Nikita's Clay Dollies
Ethan/Melcom: "We Didn't Know Bunny Lay Eggs"
Apples For My Eye

Sophia's Dollies

Bath Tub For Two Play Clays

Vera's Clay Tubby Dollie

Adline took months to create her Bottle Clay Dolly

Polymer Clay Project 3
Magical Clay Unicorn By Vera

Vera's Pink Clay Unicorn

Polymer Clay Project 4
Creating Penguin and The Undersea

Alison: "This Is An Aquarium That I don't Have To Feed The Fishes."
Alison's Clay Fish Aquarium

Table Photo Frame For The Family

Lucas: "Put Your Finger In The Box, It will Be Eaten Away Like Chocolate"

Lucas:"Want To Try!"

Lucas Chocolate Box Sea Aquarium

Ethan's Diving Clay Penguin

Melcom's Diving Clay Submarine And Clay Penguin

Clicked And Watch My Clay Movie

Polymer Clay Project 5
Clay Train

Clay Train By Seian," I Will Need A Train Station To Charge For The Ride"

Polymer Clay Project 6
Road And Clay Transport By Rayner

Rayner's Transportation, "Please Pay For The Fares"
Rayner Creating Project In A Relexing Environment

Rayner Learn To Use The Tools And Glues With Confidence

Planning, Building And Expanding

Happy Clay Hip Hop Dancing

Lighted Lampost Created And Install By ME

Rayner: My Project Is Completed, I need To Employ CISCO Security And LTA

Polymer Clay Project 6
Clay For Foods By Jacob

Jacob's Own Clay Chicken Recipies

 Creating Textures On the Food

Jacob: I Love My Japanese Clay Sushi

Our Fingers are Tools To Creativity

No Short Cut To Aquire A Clay Skills

Jacob Created Everything, From Clay Noodle To Wooden Tray
Sophia's Clay Croissants

Everything Is Clay Including The Tray
Alison's Clay Food, "I Need A Tester With Strong Teeth"

Polymer Clay Project 7
Clay Butterfly And Others

Nikita's Clay Love Butterfly

Ethan Created Oven Bake In A Frame

Ethan's Oven Bake Home
Evann's Version Of Oven Bake

Polymer Clay Project 8
Clay Pop Gun And Robot Toilet Recycling

Popping Clay Gun Fires The Cap between 10-15 Feet

Make My Day With The Clay

At This Position I will Never Missed The Shot At Your Face

Detective Melcome Taking Aim

Ethan: Say The "S" word And I Will Shoot

Ethan: "I Hope The Clay Pop Is Loaded"
Ethan's Clay Robot, "Don't Steal The Toilet Tower Rail Bracket At Home"

Melcome: "I Won't Be In Trouble If I Create The Toilet Bracket Into Robot"

Recycling Tower Rail Brackets To Toilet Robots

Hands-On Create Customized Polymer 
Clay Creations

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