Thursday, February 11, 2010

Play Clay Kids Celebrating The Year Of The Golden Tiger

14 February 2010 is the year of The Golden Tiger.
Wishing Everyone A Happy Prosperous And A Loving Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!
As The Golden Tiger Is Roaring Near.
I made A Polymer Clay Tiger Plane.
Very Soon, I will Be Flying With The Plane.
If You Want To Fly My Tiger Air, Please Pay The Fare.
Seat Stripe, Sit Tight And We Will Fly You Anywhere!


Melobeau said...

Garie, Happy New Year! Your students work is LOVELY and you can tell that they are having a wonderful time being nurtured in their creativity. BRAVO to them and to their teacher.

Sim Garie said...

Thanks Melogeau
The fun is teaching the children to cultivate a skill and all their pride are shown on their faces after the completion of their projects.

Anonymous said...

Such talent and creativity - what fun for them and for you! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara/myth maker said...

A wonderful presentation... they are all stars, they shine so bright.

Sim Garie said...

Hello BlythespiritCreation, Fun with creativity will bring out the kid's talent and happy face.
Thanks for the comment!

Sim Garie said...

Thanks Barbara/myth maker, They are all my little stars that are shining bright with their talent in learning the clay skills.

Anonymous said...

很喜歡你的blog哦...加油唷 ........................................

Unknown said...

Thank You, for your comment!