Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Polymer Clay And Creative Kids Of Singapore

Kids Needs Space, a space for creative play with polymer clay, a space for learning a life skill to enhance the young creative mind, a space to improve hand-eye coordination, a space to develop fine motor skill, a space to improve good color sense, a space to cultivate a visual sense of proportion, a space of fun in clay art, a space to share and learn from each other, a space that will help the child to become self-confident, a space that will expand our creative Art Culture for the society.

"Space is the breath of art." Frank Lloyd Wright


Me And My Cat


My Cute Potty Bear


Love Heart


Polymer Clay Clock "Its Ticking"


"Welcome to My Clay Bakery, I'm selling only to customer 
with strong teeth"


Six Months Is All It Takes To Create

Top View Is A Good View

More View

Detail Of The Toy Box

Clay Shelves With Clay Bears


Enchanted Project Is Still Progressing

Detail Of The Sculpture

More Detail

  • Mickie McClain Your kids are amazing as always. I was really tickled with Vera's work ... she made her cat so much bigger than her own self in the sculpture and I'm thinking that, from her point of view, it means that her kitty is very important to her and very much loved. Just delightful to see the world through a child's eyes! xoxo
    10 hours ago · 

  • Garie Sim Thanks Mickie, good comments! I like her simplicity in creating the clay art, the child's loves for animal will always come first. When you are teaching kids, you have to understands their concept and approached to clay.
    5 hours ago ·