Friday, September 24, 2010

The Clay Story

Children learning a Life Skill through playing clay, will help them to mould and shape their creative future.

The versatility of the polymer clay allows children to create their own item or toy with their imagination, by the process of playing, it will instill creative thinking, idea and planning, when learning the clay program.

Progressive Learning in clay will gives the child, the space to relax their mind, give them the happiness, fun in play, no stress and no test, it will always brings out the child's best.

Most of the Art School and Art Institution in the world, also the Animation Industry, now recognized Polymer Clay as an important Contemporary Clay Art Medium for the enhancement of Creativity in all directions.

Here are some of our children's Clay Story, projects that are created from June, July, August and September of 2010. Consists of 21 categories of over 250 images of children playing and creating fun things from polymer clay at the Play Clay Workshop.

The images and their clay creations will be the memoirs of their artistic endeavours for many years to come.