Sunday, April 7, 2013


Imagination And Play, Developed Cognitive Skills, Enhancing The Creativity Of Children By Shaping With Clay

Taxi stand project

Ethan: Where is the passenger?

Ethan: Oh! Just have to wait

Ethan playing with his project

Clay burger and french fries for play

Creating a clay plate

Joey: Add a little chili sauce, I've make a little burger for my brother

Joey ready to offer his burgers and french fries

Donut and Chocolate biscuits
Joey testing his biscuit

Outdoor family's picnic

Joey: We are having a happy day

Joey's happy project

Keysha, preparing her mini clay project
Tiny happy frog

Happy miniatures on the tile

Keysha: Maybe..... I will sell them
Prehistoric clay diorama

Melcom: Oh! The lava looks hot, glad we used the luminous powder

Happy and confident Melcom

Clay children migrated to Australia is back to Singapore and happy to be in the 
play clay workshop 

Learn from book project

Natasha kneading and shaping the clay

Natasha: Wow! Just like the book

Natasha wearing her creation

Natasha: I look pretty with my creation

Amazon forrest by Natasha

Natasha: Can you see a Anaconda in my painting

Natasha in her Australian school uniform

Sammy creating his squid

Finishing the squid
Sammy: Clay starts with rolling, folding and proportioning
Finishing my happy crab
Finished the meeting of the sea creatures

Proud and Happy Sammy
Come and join me for a swim

My swimming sea creatures in the clay gel

Sammy in his Australian school uniform

Nikita's 2D aquarium

Niki learning to draw and create the drawing from polymer clay

Niki's drawing and clay project

Concentration is the key to clay creation

Adding detail to my creation
Controlling the shape by using the clay cutter

Help! Fire in the building

Brave clay firemen fighting the fire

Dosing the fire with clay gel

Rayner: When I'm older I want to be a Fireman...... fighting fire with clay gel.... :D

Triceratop and Stegosaur clay project

Creating vegetation and fern trees for my diorama

I need to create blood with liquid clay

Rayner's clay dinosaurs project

Rena a special kid confidently creating her own clay project

I've created giraffe, turtle, elephant, frog and duck

Rena's jungle and friends, Elephant: Sorry, Mr Giraffe, I wish your neck is shorter so that we can
share the tree
Turtle: Hello Crab, when I am in the water I hope you don't nip in the butt :(

Hey! The pond is too small for your size
Rena: My Mummy and Daddy loves my clay creations

Tiling the sea by Seian

My Daddy and Mummy will framed it up and display on my wall
Spencer: My lobster is ready to swim....... in my bathtub

Spencer and Mr. Lobster

Wenee: Don't come near I've got HK foot

Teaching kids to explore with liquid clay gel to create water
Wenee and her polymer clay creation
Breakfast from clay
Finishing touch

Wenee: Do you like to have a clay breakfast with me?

My golden Retrievers

Xiyunn: I love my golden Retrievers