Thursday, October 27, 2011

Developing Creativity With Clay Through Hands-On

Our hands are gift of creation, its a tool to create our art culture. Art is expanding our civilization on this earth, with beautiful tapestry in painting, sculpture, architecture and decoration. The world are composed of different races, different cultures, different languages, but one common language that everyone know is.............ART.
Through touch, feel and handling things we learn a skill with our sensory experience. Learning a life skill in art and creativity is an important aesthetic development for children, it will help to develop their fine motor-skills and to improve hand and eye coordination.
By introducing Clay Art to the children it will make them happy and creative. Using the colorful clay to create shapes, textures, will help them develop the awareness of our environment, to express their individual feelings, ideas and design, allows children to convey what they may not be able to express with words. Learn best with hands-on, clay help to develop social skills, positive self-image and building confidence in children.

Polymer Clay Central
Nov-16 11:21 pm

Your children are amazing artists! I love their creativity and use of color!

Pam from Michigan

Very nice, Garie, and it looks like you are going to have a couple of kids who will be architects as adults due to your teachings. :) Good job! You keep helping them and your rewards will be great.


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Wonderful!! BIG huggs all around for all the kids! I love seeing their projects! Thanks for sharing!